Charlotte Rapper Mavi Joins the Crème De La Crème Tour


Mavi, a twenty-one year old rapper and artist from Charlotte, NC began his first tour on September 8, 2021 as part of rapper Jack Harlow’s Crème De La Crème Tour. The tour is scheduled to run through most of November 2021. Mavi, Jack Harlow, and another special guest, BabyFace Ray, are set to perform in more than a dozen cities around the Unites States and in Canada, from Miami, FL to Toronto, ON.

Mavi has always had a love for writing and music. His father was a producer, writer and entrepreneur during Mavi’s childhood, which has given Mavi a strong passion for both self-employment and the arts. Since high school, Mavi has been a prolific musician who is willing to explore unique avenues to ensure his success and continued ownership over his own artwork. In the past five years, Mavi has created numerous inspiring projects such as No Roses, in 2017, Let The Sun Talk, in 2019, and, most recently, End of The Earth, which was released earlier this year. Many saw Let the Sun Talk  as Mavi’s breakout album, since it was the first of his projects to bring him wide notoriety in the music community. Following Let The Sun Talk, many fans were eager to witness Mavi perform live. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of Mavi’s live 2020 shows were cancelled. Consequently, his fans are now elated to hear about his return to live performances through his inclusion in Crème De La Crème Tour.  

Mavi had a lot of preparations to do before the Crème De La Crème Tour. He always strives to have creative and professional control over his artistic ventures, so not only did he prepare himself for the tour, but he also took the lead in securing his own tour bus, videographers, and DJs to accompany him on the road. In the weeks leading up to the Crème De La Crème Tour, Mavi continued to release new music and music videos such as his song WYD produced by Tony Seltzer and directed by MOSHPIT. He also continued to focuss on his past work and deciding which songs to perform on tour.

In his music, Mavi has always been an advocate for strengthening mental health practices in the black community. He often raps about his own struggles with depression and anxiety, specifically how these feelings can be heightened during times of change.

When “The African” asked Mavi about how he managed his physical and mental health with the increasing stress of tour life, he responded: “Physically; doing pushups, doing my yoga circuits, and trying to get my lungs better by decreasing the amount that I smoke. To boost my confidence in myself, I have been practicing my music over and over, and enjoying my music again as a listener, and just reconnecting what it is about me that can make a good, novel experience.”

Despite the stress, Mavi sees tour life as an amazing opportunity to learn more about himself as a musical artist. He said he has begun to think about how his music presents on stage versus how it is listened to individually by people from their homes, and how he can better alter his sounds to fit both atmospheres. He said: “My hopes as an artist are to better understand how I can write music differently to fit my stage shows, and how to make my presence come together on stage.”

He added that accompanying rappers BabyFace Ray and Jack Harlow is a huge help to him while on tour. Both BabyFace Ray and Jack Harlow have done tours before, and Mavi sees working with them as a way to learn how he can better conduct himself during tour, and even in the music industry in general: “It has been really good working with Face and working with Jack. Both of their sets have shown me the shortcomings and strengths in my own sets, and just how to understand what it takes to make that leap to the next level—how to be able to put my friends and my family in greater positions—they have really inspired me.”