Former Beninese first lady Rosine Vieyra Soglo dies at 87

BY MODUPE ABIOLA Rosine Vieyra Soglo, the former first lady of Benin (1991 to 1996), passed away on July 25 at the age of 87. The oldest member of the … Read More

Talon jails Réckya Madougou, the woman who scared him with her credentials

BY SOUMANOU SALIFOU The dozens of innocent people Talon has thrown in jail or chased into exile, knowing they would beat him like a drum in a fair, transparent election, … Read More

Working Women are Winsome, Witty and Wealthy

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Are all Nigerian men rapist and violent?

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How a white American woman “adopted” 97 African children for life

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How women can go the full nine months without knowing they’re pregnant

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Congo’s Agape Ngoma-Ibinga discusses man-woman relations in the Congo

BY JOHN MUKENDI Agapé Ngoma-Ibinga, 33, a Gospel singer credited with two albums, teaches singing techniques in an orphanage. But one could say that she came to music by chance, although … Read More

Hangoutwithtee Ladies event happening on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Some inspiration, power networking, high energy and amazing goodies and giveaways at the HANGOUTWITHTEE6 LADIES event in Lagos, Nigeria, Sunday, April 7. For all the ladies in Lagos, Nigeria, you … Read More