Desmond Tutu and the logic of liberation preachments

BY STEVE OGAH The Archbishop Emeritus of the Anglican Church of South Africa, Desmond Mpilo Tutu, who died at the age of 90 on 26th December 2021, threw South Africa … Read More

New Children’s Book Celebrates Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Toni Morrison, and Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. all attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs.) Unfortunately, many children are unaware of these institutions. “The ABCs of … Read More

The United States and the Critical Transition in Sudan

BY MEKKI ELMOGRABI The USA cannot burn the candle at both ends; either sanctioning Sudan’s transition leaders or working with them for democratic transformation and transitional justice. In an apparent … Read More

Young victims of discrimination are more likely to have mental health issues, says a new study

BY JOYCE BINDA A new study published Monday in the Pediatrics Journal says that young victims of discrimination are more likely to develop mental health issues and behavioral problems. The … Read More

SURVEY: “Why do Blacks dominate most sports?”

BY JESSICA MILLER Though, by definition, a survey is not hard science, it stands as an important contribution to ongoing discussions in society. This survey about Blacks’ superiority in sports …

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BY NADIRA JAMERSON / EDITED BY LOU SIFA JayQ The Legend is one of the top afrobeat artists in the world. His debut single, Body Talk, hit the top of …

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The Third Global Leadership Africa Summit Ends in Omaha

BY JOSEFINA LOZA / PHOTGRAPHY BY EDWIGE GAYIBOR Something is changing in our culture. A vibrant influence is having a breakthrough. As more American listeners become attune to Afrobeats. As … Read More

Fleri Inc., an Ohio-based fintech startup, joins the Techstars Toronto Accelerator Program

Fleri Inc., a personal finance company for immigrants known widely for the FleriHealth product which enables immigrants to buy affordable healthcare plans for their loved ones back home, will join … Read More

Middle East box office revenue to cross US$800 million in 2021 as 4th META Cinema Forum opens

A V-shaped recovery makes the cinema industry in the Middle East and Africa the fastest growing in the world while the box office revenues in the rest of the world … Read More

Charlotte Rapper Mavi Joins the Crème De La Crème Tour

BY NADIRA RENE Mavi, a twenty-one year old rapper and artist from Charlotte, NC began his first tour on September 8, 2021 as part of rapper Jack Harlow’s Crème De … Read More