Trump’s Unpopular Popularity


It was somewhere in 2004, I recall being newly married. We spent most evenings in front of the television. One of such nights, I stumbled on The Apprentice. As my manner was, I paused to get a hang of it. That night, the host, a man I found uncomely emptied a bottle of cheap drink into several glasses. I recall him explaining that he did not want the contestants to know it was a cheap one and would like to know their reaction being oblivious of the quality of the drink.

Indeed, they savoured it!

To them, it was of fine taste.

The host, Donald Trump, made allusions that they liked it because they associated it with the wealth of where they were. I found this fascinating. It was one of my business lessons, a lesson that I still hold dear. Besides the lesson, I anchored my experience that night on him, his persona.

Many years later when he came up for the presidency, the memories gushed back. Unfortunately, I’m not American. I did not have the option of choosing between a fellow woman whom I held in high esteem and a businessman I liked.

Donald Trump’s emergence as the forty-fifth POTUS was thunderstruck when America chose a businessman over a politician. ‘She must be a gender-biased country’ was my first reaction. If Hilary was a man, would America have made the same choice in 2016?

On what basis did America make such an expensive mistake? I thought it was the third world that operated on sentiments rather than objectivity. Each day I listen to this greatly-hated and seemingly-loved American president, I remind myself that even the most serious things are joked about. How did he become the president of the world? In my mind, America is the Chief Security Officer of the world, her president must be presiding over the affairs of the world.

Was America sleeping when he crawled to the fore? What expectations did they have of him? Everyone knew his pattern, his utterances, mannerisms and beliefs. What hope did they have of him that they voted for him in the first place?

Did Donald J Trump Make America Great Again? I doubt!

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I preferred the bluntness with which he described our state. He it was who first referred to us as a shithole country. That was probably the hottest slap we’ve got as a people. Being a happy people, we made huge jokes about it. We took on the name and taunted each other. Are we a shithole country? Did it have to take a Donald to remind us to put our acts together?

He did not stop at hating us, his foreign policies have not been kind to us. From where I stand, it seems that if he had his way, he would have wished Nigerians and probably the black race out of existence. I’ve never seen such a petty ranting president, not even from the smallest countries of Africa!

The forty-fifth President spoke from the two sides of his mouth. I doubt he kept track of his inconsistencies, his goofs and misguided utterances. I still wonder how he remains calm and confident with all the blunders.

I used to think the revered office of the president of the United States of America was a place for serious minded folks until Donald came around, a joke it was he made of the position and power. He threw tantrums like a child, talked unguided like an unenlightened mind. He totally brought in showmanship to the once respected job. Sometimes, I watched him for entertainment. Sad but true.

Will this president who lacked tact and diplomacy be missed? Will the staunch racist and pretentious Christian provoke good thoughts after the twentieth day of January, twenty twenty-one? Will the White House miss the man whose wife was more of a mannequin than a helper? Was she felt? Did she make any impact? I’m wondering.

The second lesson I learnt from Trump the Apprentice President is that in America, dreams do come true. I’m sure being an American president was a dream-come-true for him.


Nigerian author Amara Chidinma Ezediniru

Amara Chidinma Ezediniru is a business administrator, human resource manager and a certified teacher. She is widely traveled, a compassionate Rotarian, an author of three books, and a mother. She is the managing consultant of Rald and Vid Consulting Ltd.