Boost your home security with a VPN router


The online world is not so safe a place anymore. Corporate organizations are harvesting user data in the billions, and they don’t even keep away from personally-identifiable data.

Hackers are always on the prowl too, sniffing around your internet traffic for sensitive information. The government is not left out, collecting unthinkable amounts of data on the general populace.

You don’t have to be a small fish in this big ocean. Taking back your internet security and privacy is as easy as using a VPN app for your router. But then, why – and how – should you do that?

Router over VPN?

Most VPN apps only allow you to connect to one device at a time. To use other devices on the same software would mean buying additional licenses or purchasing multiple units of the same app.

That problem is effectively solved by a router VPN. They allow you to broadcast the same secure signal to as many devices as are connected to the Wi-Fi network at once.

Asides cost saving, it is also time-saving to use a VPN on your router. You never have to start setting up your VPN connection after turning on the router. You can now rest assured that the network is encrypted as soon as the router is turned on.

More than saving time, this also accounts for times when you might forget to turn on your VPN before you start to browse.

Yet another thing to consider is at the reach of this network. Consider smart home units such as baby monitors which cannot use a VPN app directly. The same goes for game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox units, etc.) which do not carry a capacity for VPNs.

The best way to secure their data and ensure your privacy with such devices is by getting your router secured – with a VPN being the easiest bet.

If you are just getting a home router for the first time, this is the ideal time to get a VPN for it too. Choose a preferred VPN company and consider all of their plans. Purchase their VPN app and set it up with your router during installation.

That kind of installation, setup and configuration can be a bit too time-consuming/ tasking for some. You can get around this by getting a router which comes preinstalled with the ExpressVPN app.

Made by Linksys, you get one of the best router engineerings on top of a highly-secure VPN service.

If you have got an existing router, there is no problem with that. Simply grab an ExpressVPN app and install it on your router. The app is highly compatible with a lot of routers out there. With detailed instructions on the setup of select models too, you should be up and running in little time.