New Black History Activity Book for Adults Shines a Light on Obscure Heroes from the Past

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Timbuktu in the eye of an American visitor

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LaTrice Verrett, The entertainer with the inspiring edge

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Announcing a new book: “N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice, and the Law,” by Pr. Jody David Armour

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Statue of first African American woman bank founder in America unveiled in Richmond

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George Floyd mourned in a high-profile ceremony in Ghana

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Lynching preachers: How black pastors resisted Jim Crow and white pastors incited racial violence

White lynch mobs in America murdered at least 4,467 people between 1883 and 1941, hanging, burning, dismembering, garroting and blowtorching their victims. Their violence was widespread but not indiscriminate: About … Read More

Why I teach a course called ‘White Racism’

The need for students to learn about racism in American society existed long before I began teaching a course called “White Racism” at Florida Gulf Coast University earlier this year. … Read More